Thursday, 18 February 2010

Illustration Friday : Adrift

Hey Guys!

Here's a little something that turned up in my sketchbook this week done for the theme "Adrift"! Hope you like it! May do a colour version soon!


Monday, 1 February 2010


I just feel a bit weird. Disconnected yet emotional. Solitary yet part of everything. My head is tired and my body is weak and I feel… ready. Ready for expansion, ready for my life to be different. I don’t know. This blog might be nothing more than a rant, or a mash of random words and experiences, or at the very least the pathway to some sort of emotional conclusion.

I am SO ready for things to be simpler. Not having to think all the time. I swear Im driving myself crazy. I’m not lonely, I’m not feeling unsuccessful, I’m just ready. READY READY READY. Something or someone NEW please. Give me “that” feeling. I can imagine it within myself. I can dream it within myself. I can feel it within myself now if it can just turn up that would be great thank you very much. But I feel that AND also want to sleep for the rest of my life. So…very…tired!

Tomorrow shall begin with lists of things to do, use this Virgo Moon to my advantage. What do I need? Consistent reminders. Mood boards. Things. Plans. Strategies. Designs. Websites. Finished paintings. Ideas. More Ideas. I need focus.

But that’s tomorrow. Tonight I’m just going to sleep.