Monday, 21 May 2012

New House

                Well this will probably be my last ever blog in this weird. I’ve been in my little flat for near enough 12 years now and blimey has the time flown. I remember clearly the first day I set foot in this place, the clear white walls and the open spaces were perfect for need back then but not so any more. Twelve years of an artist living anywhere is enough! There are marks on the walls from drum kits banging up and down the corridor, paint on the wall from old canvases, torn carpet from nights out and endless holes in the wall from continuously rearranging my pictures. I have to admit though, each mark is a memory I completely treasure. This was the first home of my own that I totally loved and to be honest still do and I really hope it can provide the next person who lives here with the same care and attention that it’s provided me with.
                This house held my heart break, held my silence, held my grief and my sadness. This house watched me shed each and every one of those to become joy-filled and light orientated. This house saw endless parties and quiet nights, intimate conversations and full out arguments, beautiful paintings and artistic temperaments’. This house has seen me heart-broken and heart-healed, born witness to me finally learning to love and respect myself. This house has seen friends enter and friends leave, this house has seen me cry more than I thought I could and laugh louder than I knew possible. This has been a place of discovery and acceptance. This place has been sacred to me. This place has been loved. If you believe that homes can house the energy of its occupants I hope the next soul that lives here takes a piece of the peace this space created for me.
                As sad as it is to close this door I am A LOT more excited to be opening the next one. This new house with its fireplaces and rooms and cupboards ( yes I’m excited about a cupboard but after 12 years without one who wouldn’t be? ) I will finally have the space to create and express. Currently I have nowhere to rehearse my music and I have to set up all my paints before I can use them, soon I shall just pop up to my creative room and get going. I can’t wait. Really. I will sit up in the morning with a sea facing bedroom and eat my breakfast in bed. I don’t know what the next house will bring to me but I know I will get to wake up next to someone I love, and that can’t be a bad start can it!

Big Love

Ryan x