Friday, 10 September 2010

New album and the big three oh.....

It’s been a while again, and with so many changes that have happened and so many things that I want to happen it’s a good time to catch up.

I turned 30. The BIG THREE OH. It seemed to pass like any other day, I was expecting some sort of Im-not-where-I-want-to-be freak out but it never happened. I made it. Thirty is a point where you sit back and think about your journey and mine has been long, and tough and at points harder than I thought I could handle but I’m here. Im the happiest I’ve ever been and that probably is the reason I sailed through the transition. What I have asked for is present and the universe and I are on good terms again. I gathered the troops and we went out Prehistoric Style and danced till our feet hurt and the room swayed, we had a few drinks at my house first and I took a look around my home, little things like paintings on the wall and instruments nestled in birthday present wrapping paper littered my floor, spilled beer, laughing, my friends and sitting next to the man I love, and in that moment it hit me. I am living a creative life, I am living the life I always wanted to. No pressure, no crappy jobs, no arguments, nothing bearing down on me, no I-can’t-breathe, just fun, creativity and love. All things present. Not bad at Thirty Mr James, not bad at all.

It helped alot that my ALBUM :RIVER OF BONES is released and out there. Nine months of hard work and it’s finally ready to be shared with the universe. To find the people it can inspire, to inspire me, to seek it’s place within music and to pave the way for me to find more moments of joy, more moments of clarity and more moments of inspiration. For those of you that have’nt heard it it’s at There’s a billion links all over the internet if you want to buy it but it can’t hurt to have one more so here....


...and to add some icing to the cake, to put a cherry on top and light the frikkin candle I am also planning a tour. A tour with a musician I have respected for years and we are banding together, pooling resources, thoughts and ideas and we are taking our music all over the UK. I can’t wait to explore the rest of the UK and see some new faces. I love playing Swansea, it’s just once you’ve played everywhere twice it begins to feel a little flat. And this year I played the UPLANDS MUSIC FESTIVAL. As exited as I was to get a spot, my spot was 1230 on a Sunday morning, I played to three people ( not including my friends ) and it’s the most disheartening feeling. To be sat there slugging your drums out to an empty room. I took it as a sign, time to leave, time to find an audience that will enjoy what I do. So that’s my focus right now, all the fun stuff, gigging, sharing music, doing my other projects and learning again.

I wont leave it so long next time.

Much Love