Monday, 14 June 2010

Pot Noodle Madness and Falling in Love....

It’s been a while hasn’t it. I’m just finally finding a moment in between uploading video’s and rehearsing to sit down and write again. I miss doing this. So, what’s been happening? Well, you know those times when everything seems to happen at once? Yep, that’s been me this last few months.

I prayed for change and it came as quickly as the words had left my mouth. My business went through the roof, I’ve been gigging constantly and…wait for it… I’ve fallen in love. Yep. Me. In love. Who’d have thought?! Theres a special someone out there who is in my thoughts constantly and now curled up in a special place in my heart. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a loooooong journey for me to become this open and vulnerable again but I’m here and ready and grateful that the universe has brought someone so loving into my life. X

As for the music, yes THE ALBUM IS DONE!!!!! It’s been a long nine months getting this thing crafted and polished and sounding like I do on stage with only a few studio magic buttons and tweaks it’s here and I’ve started to fall in love with it. It really has been a manifesting dream right now! Ray Davies has been absolutely incredible throughout this journey and I’ve left the experience not only with the knowledge that I’ve met an amazing producer but also that I’ve made a new lifelong friend. Go check out the music @ .

I’ve been in a haze for the last few weeks, it’s a weird feeling after you’ve achieved what you want. There’s a sort of gratitude that it’s done but also mixed with a sense of shock?? I guess? I don’t know the right word but I have time this week to process it all and put things where they should be and put my head where it should be and get my focus again! It’s time now to PUSH the album and SHARE the music! But in the meantime…..

Love to you all!

Ryan xxxx