Friday, 22 June 2012

Just a sunset really.

A few days ago I caught a glimpse of this particularly gorgeous sunset from my art room and just had to capture it to share with you. It's been a short while since I've written in my public personal blog but all my paper diaries are full ( which reminds me I need to go get a new one asap ) so I thought Id come and have a good catch up with you all and update the blogs!!

I have a mammoth run of readings tomorrow so Im taking it easy today just sorting out some artwork, newsletter and bits and pieces of music stuff. Before my "admin" days used to feel heavy and constrictive ( its hard to put any artist behind a desk ) but the ease and flow of everything recently has been incredible. I have also started to make some music again which has been a small weight off my shoulders. Ill share with you all what Ive been getting up to as soon as I can. It's just nice to be behind the keyboard again and actually feel like I belong there!

Im just mulling over a few things recently, the construction of reality, which parts of us manifest parts of our lives just how deeply intergrated are we all to the wholeness of who we are and how is this all affecting our day to dayness, yuh know, general stuff. I feel like I've grown up alot recently, kind of like I finally fit into daddys shoes and this new holistic approach not just to my life but to my being as a whole and complete entity has altered everything. My spiritual work has begun to change and get alot stronger which I am enjoying. I didnt think it was possible to fit much more information into my head but I am expanding and becoming more sensitive.

I know this blog is a bit of ramble but then thats kind of how my life is at the minute, Im settled into the new house and and just plodding along for a while. Deciding what I want to create next!!