Friday, 30 November 2012

New energy, new art, new music!

I've had a feeling for a short while that around December 1st there would be a shift beginning in my life. I don't know what it is exactly but I am sure now that it's begun. Too many things from my history have turned up for me to clear up and resolve. I think the Mercury Retrograde definitely helped me to clear up any unresolved energies from my past. One of the things it brought to the surface was an old feeling of self doubt. I've been working with and healing through a lot of my self worth issues over the last year or so and doing all I can to clear up any residual “not good enough”'s. Something that always happens when you start to go in a new direction is that anything contradictory to that direction within your energy system tends to show up. In the past I mistook these for “signs”, but they weren't. They were just residual ideas of who I used to be.

Everything in my life has begun happening at a much slower, easier pace. Weirdly enough the less effort I have been putting into my life the more that seems to be accomplished. I chip away at bits and pieces of everything, making sure to add slowly little bits and pieces of everything I love to my daily routine, including writing, which now has become my favourite part of my morning routine. Sending out the morning blogs and mailing lists doesn't take a lot of time and I thoroughly enjoy it. I also think I'm not so secretly preparing myself for a lot more writing projects next year with all my book ideas slowly solidifying in my head. I lost a lot of the initial writing I did when the last hard drive went Kapoof! But deep down I wasn't that upset or annoyed so I must know somewhere in my consciousness that something richer can be achieved.

My art exhibit has been up nearly a week now which seems to have been less than the blink of an eye and I have no idea yet if anything has sold. If it hasn't I guess i'll start putting more things online because I am quickly running out of room in my little man cave! I have enjoyed the space to start working on my art and developing it more. I think that there has been an emotional distance within the paintings that needs to be fulfilled. I have very much been working on my technique and colour so now creating something with a bit of belly seems to be the right balance. I still have everything based around character design but they are changing. I'll keep you posted.

Musically the new collection of songs is coming together nicely but slowly. I still get ridiculously excited when it comes to creating music and I think the feverish OCD obsessional nature has finally mostly subsided. “Machine” is the first song that's been crafted ( and that is the right word ) and I am over the moon at how it sounds. I am re-doing “Veins” from the last album and “Heart is Thunder” a piano tune are both nearly at completion too. This first little triad sounds so exactly where I want it to go and want it to be that I am instinctively protective over it. Don't worry though, for any of you out there that like my tunes I shall post stuff and have some sort of party when it's all done. I am also definitely re-branding and re-packaging my creative outlets into a single space. I simply don't have the time to manage an art site, music site and writing site and spiritual site plus with art swaps an origami society and a few other creative expressions it's just a bit all over the place so next year it will all be condensed into two separate spaces. One for my creative work and the other for my spiritual work. I shall facebook the hell out of all of you when it's up and ready.

Big Love


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Where did that year go?

I really can't believe that we are so close to the end of the year already!!! It' has swung around so quickly and it's that time where I prepare for christmas-mania and family-madness. I start to take stock of what a momentous year I've had. Going on a music hiatus, buying a house, an exhibition, my first holiday in ten years and FINALLY surrendering to peace. It's a lot to take in. My life looks completely different now to how it did only what seems a few months ago. I can say without question I am the happiest I have ever been and although it's not been the gentlest of journeys to peace I'm so glad that I'm here!

Last night I was once again back in the studio recording my new collection of songs. The sound is so different and a complete collaboration and amalgamation of everything Ive ever done and if that wasn't good enough I get to share it with one of my best mates! The sound is different, each song is a little world unto itself and now the feverish obsession has ceased I can fully surrender to the organic natural evolution of each song. I noticed last night though the difference in my voice, not singing live or not singing at all has definitely made it weaker and unable to sustain the strength it used to have. I guess I need to get behind the keys a bit more to get that back. Everything just feels so easy , which is refreshing. I have some re-branding to consider and new things to start putting in place and although this collection is no where near ready to share yet I can connect with the excitement of it without wanting to unleash it yet.

On the art front my exhibition is less than a few days away. All the paintings are done and there's only a small bit of printing out and general faffy bits that need to be completed. I only realised a few weeks ago that this is my first ever solo exhibition and I already have plans for the next. I have learned a lot though. I've done this whole thing the wrong way round and worked to a deadline rather than create work and then find a place to display it. But I am back in the Oriel Bach Gallery from the 26th to the following Sunday so if you have time that week pop down and have a look at my new work. Ill post some pictures on here for those of you who don't have any spare time
Ill try not to leave it so long next time. Every time I write in my personal blog I get reminded of how good it feels.
Catch you all soon
Ry x