Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Old Music

There's such a strange feeling in listening to a song you haven't heard for a while. I live for music, it's one of the most beautiful things in the world for me. I love how it can shape and help you to re-live memories and feelings, call old feelings to the surface and in a really good song, help you to find new ones. There is a song connected to every big event in my life, possibly every small one too, I like closing my eyes and putting my headphones on, a nice hot drink next to me and just allowing the music to flow through my body. I can see colours and images, memories and dreams, its one of the few things that actually stop me thinking. There is a stillness in music for me, that's probably one of the reasons I started to make it. Firstly on the violin, then the piano and eventually the bunches of things that now make up my on stage set.

The writing and crafting of a song is special for me. I love the process, scraps of paper, diaries, notes, rythyms, experiences, expression absolute, forgiveness, transcendance, love, passion, creativity, for a brief time you get to be actively involved in creating and moulding a piece of the universe. Sometimes it feels as if its all happening around you, like your just there for the ride of allowing creativity to flow through you and sometimes the song will make you work, make you live, make you RE LIVE and RELEASE and within it all there is stillness. A peace that comes from being open to interpretation. I think it is that openness to yourself and to the world around you that calls most people to music, I think it's that and much much more.

As Im now making my new album I've been spending time listening to my old music, its SO different in places and yet you can see where I was going. You could almost plot the musical path I was on, and you can definately see the emotional path I was taking. Soon I will be here ready to share a new album, a brand new slice of my life and my experiences. I offer it to you complete and in it s entirity with everything that went into it and everything that will come from it.

With Love

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