Friday, 1 January 2010

A reflective step forward....

It’s always wise to take a small look back before a big step forward and right here right now I’m taking stock of this year.

I have learned inner silence,

I have learned faith,

I have learned to love myself in ways I didn’t know I could.

So I am doing what most people do this time of year, reassessing. What is it that I want? Nothing on that front has changed in terms of music, art, writing, love, friends, spirit and evolution, but I do know that this year I want more JOY. More FUN. This year I am allowed to give myself a break! Give myself a pat on the back! Give myself some time to reflect on my successes and pursue more!

New years began with all my friends bundling together and setting off these beautiful “Prayer lanterns”

Of course though… mine got stuck in a tree. It didn’t burn it down, so that’s always a plus. Many, many, many drinks later it’s morning time and we’re all back together having a new years dinner loving prepared by Sue (who, bless her heart, has probably had enough of cooking for a while) and then a stroll down the beach to walk off the hangover. A quick dismantle of the tree and here I am, in bed writing to you. Sorting through lists and lists of lists and lists about lists. It’s a time to plan. To change things a little, maybe a lot. I am going to spend some time getting clear and carefully choosing the projects I want to explore this year, this blog being one of them. ART, MUSIC, LOVE, WRITING, FRIENDS, SPIRIT, EVOLUTION, all these plus the ability to WISH should make an interesting year!

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