Saturday, 26 March 2011

One Two Three

Its a beautiful Saturday morning and Im again in that place where theres so much to do and so much to be getting on with I am, of course, sat with a cup of tea gawking at My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Productive I know. But I am totally planning a Plan. Yes, a plan. A Battle Plan. For the gazillion projects I want to get involved in and create through I need to sit my bum down with bunches of lists, some new stationary and of course lots and lots of paper!

I’m goal orientated, which is weird for an artist. We’re meant to be more involved in the process of everything but I’ve yet to meet an artist that totally enjoys the painting/writing/creative process. It’s always something that you’re fighting with, a colour wont go on right, the song doesn’t sound right, the chapter wont frikkin conclude itself. This all lends itself to the utter relief an artist feels when something finishes. When it’s done. That blissful “thank Frikk for that!”.... and then it starts all over again.

But with an exhibition to paint for, a new album to rehearse for, two musical side projects to invest in, a book to complete plus finding time for a social life and of course my day job, I think I need to take some extra care when planning what needs to be done. I like structure and goals and plans and charts. And I especially love the “you’ve done well so buy yourself something nice” time too. It’s all going to be fun.

I still haven’t lost my focus though. This tour lit a fire in my belly that has made me hungry for more! I’ve managed to get a bag made which should be done in the next few weeks so I can finally get my bum on a train and be portable for gigs, which I am booking! Keep your eyes peeled on my website for more on that ( once I’ve redesigned it! ) *sigh*.

Deep breaths.... one, two, three....

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