Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas Rush already?

Getting ready to take my work to the gallery!

Sometimes I can surprise myself how much I've changed. This year has been such a steep learning curve in self respect and self honour and I am so glad to have finally come to this space. I've let go of a lot of old habits and old thoughts and I've even let go of a few people, all of which has helped me to rise to a deeper understanding of myself. I think one of the biggest lessons I've learned so far this year is to completely heal my relationship with loving others. Looking back I can see that I used to believe that if I loved you in any way shape or form then in that I also gave people the right to treat me any way they chose. I made excuses for others behaviours based on MY caring for their well being. I even in most cases put their needs before mine. That has all changed.
I have definitely been ready this year to put in place the boundaries and self protective energies around me and fill myself with healing and self love so that a line drawn to respect and protect myself wouldn't feel like revenge or malice. I am simply not where I used to be. I don't think like I used to think and I don't behave like I used to behave. From where I am now I look back and cringe at some of things I've said and done. The way I used to let people treat me used to turn my stomach but these days I am more and more at peace with it. I have forgiven and let go. I am absolutely certain that without the sour my life wouldn't be so sweet.
December the first was yesterday and I can feel a new energy wake and crawl into my system. I am catching glimpse's of a new person waking up within me and it feels gorgeous. I am still working on the pace and momentum of my creativity and the knowledge that peace works on its own time still needs to reach some corners of my mind. I am ready for it to do so though. I have project after project lined up and ready for me to delve into although I still haven't found that new thing I want to learn. Each year I choose to learn a new skill. It doesn't have to be anything huge, yodelling, the cello, painting, crafting, sewing, anything really. I've been looking at maybe sculpting or leather craft. I suppose it's a whole year so I could choose a few things but one will be enough to think about now.
I have a BIG week of readings ahead and the Christmas Rush has begun. I am eager to meet new people and see new things and see if this new evolution plays out in my work. I know over the last few years I've been getting more sensitive to energies which has been playing out in my readings so I wonder if this is part of that? We'll see and I'l keep you posted! On this lazy rainy Sunday I am going for a hot Sunday dinner in my favourite local and then to pick up the artwork from the gallery, after that it's a well deserved rest ready for the week ahead!

Big Love


Some pics from the gallery!

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