Friday, 22 March 2013

New brain please!

Yup, I did it again! As I was getting into the shower yesterday the matt slipped and my naked butt was slapped most ungraciously onto the cold tile floor and my foot twisted itself almost into the plughole. I am taking in the whole experience as a talent because we have the smallest cubicle for a shower there ever was and to fall on your way INTO it is an achievement in itself.  You know that horrible moment after you fall over and you do a sort of "systems check"? You know, right, nothing is broken, bleeding or too painful, so all is well? Well after that I seemed all ok except the fall for some reason seemed to trigger a migraine so I spent ALL of yesterday in bed. Annoying doesn't cover it. I had plans for blogging and painting and making music but no, me and bruised buttocks were forced into a day of nothingness. On the plus side I caught up on a lot of sleep. My boyfriend temporarily convinced himself that I had a concussion but as soon as that drama passed it was back to the most appropriate response....ridicule. On that note I have actually been spelling ridiculous as REdiculous for years and never knew I was making a spelling mistake. No wonder I was lashed, maybe it was the writing Gods?
I never thought of myself as a person who falls over. There always seems a type doesn't there? I never considered myself to be it but apparently I am. I swear I looked like a praying mantis on ice. I have in the last few years thrown myself down a few stair cases, concrete ones in my last house which came complete with my flip flop doing the cliche'd "doioioiongg" motion as it jammed itself into the shed door and possibly the most embarrassing was when I fell down the length of stairs ( about 30 - 40 ish ) in the local Monkey Bar and then COLLIDED into a group of smartly dressed handsome boys at the foot of the stairs.... You know those moments when you hope your shame will cause your entire body to implode?? Yeah.... that. Its weird how your own response is either to get up sharply and pretend as if nothing has happened strutting away glassy eyed and limping or to feign even greater injury to attempt to snuffle the giggles. I've done both but yesterday was special, and painful....
Big Love
Ryan McSoreButt James

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