Monday, 21 April 2014

I got given my own Irish throne... really.

I think I've eaten more Easter Egg than should be legal but Stu did buy me the most gorgeous cookies and crème egg so if I'm found in a diabetic slump in a few days...blame him. It's been a beautiful Easter weekend, I've been to the gym, taken long walks on the beach with the boys and watched just the right amount of crap on the telly. I stocked up on art supplies for the weekend just in case I fancied doing some art but to be honest I've just been too busy. Plus I am still getting over the shock of paying £17 for a sketchbook!! When did they go up in price? I mean, what the HELLICOPTER?

I've got a nice healthy amount of clients this week and a healthy amount of writing to get done. My fantasy/folklore novel is coming along nicely but I can't seem to shake the feeling that I'm catching up with myself constantly on it. I want it done already, so begins the wrestling of getting a book out of my head and onto the page. I'm sure it will all come out of my noggin sooner or later. Are writers ever “still” in the process of creating a book or is it a case of being perpetually uncomfortable? I feel like I'm being told the story rather than writing it, I think because I spent so long writing songs I can now only write in a way that flows that way. Every time I get too in my head about writing, or music or art for that matter it always comes out crappy. So, I'd best sit my ass down, shut up and listen! I think I'm going to get a lot done on it this week PLUS I found a whole bunch of canvases that I haven't used so hopefully I can squeeze in some studio time too to do some painting and making.

Oh, I forget to tell you all about Dublin! I had a lot of fun there seeing things and doing stuff BUT a stomach bug put me TOTALLY out of action for the whole drinking part which, let's be honest, is a big reason for going to Dublin in the first place. I did manage to get a Guinness in me before we left but that left me clinging to my own personal Irish throne for grim life at four in the morning. I swear I had a contraction at one point! Stu loved the Zoo and I loved the Wax museum but it's totally sods law that I got better on the day we were leaving. I did make the most of it and Stu was super sweet looking after me while I was a sickly, sweaty mess! We were there to celebrate our 4 years of being together ( I know it's flown right? ) and the whole point of the holiday was to have fun, laugh and spend time with my Mr which we did get to do I just wish I hadn't been ill is all. Ah well, Paris and New York are next and I am determined to have a better time there!

Catch up with you soon,

Big Love


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