Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Let go to life.

I sat on my sofa and just watched her unravel infront of me. Wisdom that had taken a lifetime to learn and yet still learning. "Let go to life." are words she shared with me and I dont think I can forget the intent of passion with which she shared them. I have had all the usual trappings of someone who has been hurt, someone who has had their heart broken. It made me cautious, too cautious at times. Put me in a place where I was living only half of my life. All my feelings wrapped in diaries and pictures and songs because I couldn't speak them in my day to day. And now I do because I learned to LET GO. Completely. Unreservedly. My work, my ART is no longer my refuge. It's my release, my expression, my conception, my observation... absolute.

I was going to learn in this life what I was going to learn whether I went willingly or not. Whether I learned it quickly was my own doing. I am ending a lesson that has taken me ten years of my life to fully absorb. And with every lesson that has ended a new one is given.... I cant wait!


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